Science Biography

Christine-Ann Facer known internationally for her scientific contributions to the understanding of the anaemia and pathogenesis of African trypanosomiasis and malaria in African children for which she was awarded the prestigious Wright Medal of the British Society for Parasitology. She has similarly made significant contributions to the immunogenetics, immunopathology and epidemiology of the most common childhood cancer of African children, endemic Burkitt's lymphoma. The seroepidemiology of HIV-1 in Kenyan children and the importance of blood transfusion in transmission of the virus has been studied. She has lived in the Gambia and Kenya and spent time researching in Brazil and Colombia. Research grants have been secured from The Royal Society and The Welcome Trust. She was a major contributor to the national and international debate on the safety of the antimalarial drug Lariam appearing frequently in discussion on the BBC1 TV programme 'Watchdog" at the request of Anne Robinson.
BSc MSc PhD ( Imperial College, University of London)
DIC (Diploma of Imperial College)
Science Scholarship (University of Wales)
FIBiol (Fellow of the Institute of Biology)
Wright Medal of the British Society for Parasitology
Honorary Member of the British Society for Parasitology
Previous activities:
Reader in Tropical Haematology: Department of Haematology, St. Bartholomew's & the Royal London School of Medicine & Dentistry
Honorary Consultant in Haematology and Top Grade Scientist in Haematology to the Tower Hamlets Health Authority
President of the British Society for Parasitology
External Examiner, Kenyatta University, Kenya
Committee Member of the UK Malaria Advisory Committee
Member of the Medical Research Council Interview and Appointments Committee
Trustee and Council Member, The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Has travelled and worked in The Gambia; Northern Kenya (Kisumu); Colombia; Brazil; France and Holland. Many invited lectures and research presentations in Nairobi, Banjul, New York, Bogata, Bangkok, Athens, Paris, Avignon, Annecy, Athens, Amsterdam, Basel, Geneva.
Refereeing research grant applicationsPeer reviewed research grant applications for:
The Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, World Health Organization, Nuffield Foundation, Health Research Board of Southern Ireland.

MembershipBritish Society for Parasitology, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, The Linnean Society of London, Institute of Biology.

Publications60 peer reviewed research papers in international journals, 11 book chapters.

Editorial & Refereeing
The Lancet; Clinical & Experimental Immunology; British Journal of Haematology; Parasitology; Parasite Immunology; Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene; Journal of Immunological Methods; Annals of Tropical Paediatrics; Biomedical Science.

MediaAs an internationally recognised authority on malaria, has given interviews for radio and invited appearances on television including BBC TV Morning News, BBC TV World Service, BBC radio World Service, BBC1 TV World in Action, BBC1 TV Watchdog, BBC TV Tomorrow's World.

Many interviews with scientific and medical correspondents of the national press, scientific medical journals. Has advised the Director of POST (Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology). Provided assistance with (including script writing) and appearance on, a film made by the government's Central Office of Information (COI) about malaria.