Design Process

Design Options Offered Include:
Site visit and consultation
A meeting with the client on site provides us with the desires of the user and the sense of place. This is followed up by a written brief for discussion – a vital document upon which the design is based.
Site survey and site analysis arranged
Site surveys and analyses are necessary parts of the garden design process to determine the size and shape of the landscape to be designed. A full topographical survey is commissioned from professional surveyors. We then prepare a Site Survey and inventory for an accurate record of everything within and outside the site that in anyway affects it.
Outline Sketches and ideas for discussion
Following discussions with the client the scaled plan is finalised and drawings made to help visualise the design if necessary. Detailed construction drawings for the builder and planting plans/schedules are prepared. These, together with the design plan(s), provide all the detail for the garden to built and provide a basis for fixing the budget.
Detailed plan (2D and 3D CAD), construction drawings, planting plans/schedules
We create our designs using only professional CAD software to ensure accuracy. Many clients find that added perspective helpful in visualising the final project so 3D plans can also be included as part of the design package. The use of CAD software for the design enables any amendments to be made quickly and easily so that they can be emailed straight to the client for final approval.
Specification (hard and soft landscaping) and Tender
The Specification document details exactly how the garden is to be built and is sent to 3 different contractors for cost itemisation and production of a bill of works. The consultancy only works with contractors who achieve the highest building standards and deliver value.
Project management
We are able to monitor all works to completion ensuring that the project is finished to a high standard, to agreed timetables on a budget.